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Wretched: False Conversion


Paul Washer Mocks the Contemporary “gospel”

HT: SliceofLaodicea

How many times have you been saved?

How many times have you “prayed the prayer”, raised your hand, or responded to some emotionally manipulative altar call? How many times have you questioned your “decision” to follow Christ?

Is your life any different, or are still enslaved to your old sins? Are you bearing fruits of the Spirit in keeping with salvation, or is the axe at the root of your tree?

Please, I urge you to examine yourself in the light of God. Let the Holy Spirit speak to your soul.

Paul Washer on Decisional Evangelism

Testimony of an Open Air Preacher at a Todd Bentley Revival Meeting

The “Lawman”, or Tony Miano, recently posted the sad tale of an open-air outreach outside of a Todd Bentley revival meeting in Los Angeles. For the “crime” of preaching Law and Gospel, he was scorned and mocked – by those calling themselves CHRISTIANS! Here’s an excerpt:

At one point, before I finished preaching, two young girls (pictured above) left the line. They stood before me, dropped to their knees, raised their hands, and (I assume) were praying. I could not help to ask myself, “To whom are they praying? I was quoting Scripture–preaching the Law and the Gospel–and they were opposed to what I was doing. To whom would they pray to silence the preaching the gospel?”


The hecklers for my second open-air were every bit as angry as the first group, and as angry as any group of “unbelievers” I have ever faced.

The angry man in the above photo rebuked me as if he were attempting to cast a demon from me. Imagine: a professing Christian thinking that a man preaching the Law and the Gospel is demon-possessed.

Did Todd Bentley’s so-called revival produce false, unregenerate converts? It would appear so if these believers were representative of those attending. How is it that any soundly saved believer could contest, no, mock, the preaching of the Gospel that has saved them? It isn’t possible. Anyone who denigrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ is no believer.

Ultimately what this brings up in me is sadness. These people accumulated to themselves a false teacher who did not hesitate to tickle their ears. I for one am happy Todd Bentley’s ministry is over, not only so that the deception and false teaching will stop, but also in the hope that the Lord will bring him to his knees in repentance and save his soul.