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Obamianity – Take Two

As all the news agencies are glowingly reporting, Barack Obama has just been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. As disturbing of a prospect as that is, even more noteworthy is the almost religious fervor that he is embraced with. I’ve called this blind, irrational faith “Obamianity” in one of my previous posts. And the religion of Obamianity it is.

In the minds of many people, our new President has been elevated to an almost Messiah-like status. Listening to the rhetoric, one would come to the believe that he can do no wrong, that he will save the world. What’s more, President Obama will cook your breakfast and heal your cancer.

Here are a few quotes from those attending the event (source):

“I was going to take my daughter here if it was the last thing I did. It’s breathtaking. … It’s overwhelming.”
“This is a world event. We can tell our grandchildren we were here.”
“Everyone’s down here — hopefully to catch a glimpse of Barack, just for a split second.”

Devotees trekked from all over the country, even the world, just to hear this one man speak. They traveled from afar in the hope that they might catch a glance. They braved hours of sub-freezing weather and masses of humanity for their hero. No doubt many of them depleted their savings accounts or maxed out their credit cards to pay for the exorbitant cost as well.

If that isn’t worship, I don’t know what is.


2 Responses

  1. If that isn’t worship, I don’t know what is.

    Got that right. It’s so blatant to me, yet I thought no one else saw it (so thank you for saying so). It’s terrifying to see, while at the same time so gut-wretchingly sad I want to weep.

    I feel powerless to do anything about it.

  2. Just know the Lord is Sovreign and He is in control. If we focus on the fear that is quite logical for true beleivers to have, we may be overcome. I love your site and read many of the same blogs you do. Keep the faith..

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