Enduring Trials Part Three

The Cal.vini.st blog has posted Part Three of its series on Enduring Trials:

In this final post, we will consider the purpose of all the difficulty and hardship the believer faces. This is a subject we must tread upon carefully, as trails can be very painful for the individual.No one is ever immune to them, however some have experienced great tragedy and loss, which is indeed heart-breaking. But God has graciously provided this passage of Scripture that calls for a logical response to an understanding of Divine sovereignty. Before we dive into this text, let us be reminded of what we have considered thus far. In the first post we looked at James 1:2, and in this text James provided his readers with a clear-cut command concerning trials, “consider it all joy.”

You can read the rest of this encouraging piece here.


One Response

  1. That reminds me of how people will use the “I can do all things…” verse to mean something it does not really mean. Paul was really saying, he could endure any hardship….. Context is King.

    P.S. Have you seen gracegate.org, yet? It is a great site, you should check it out.


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