Another “Image of Christ” – This time on a light pole

Apparently it wasn’t enough for Jesus to be born 2000 years ago, die on a cross, return from the dead, and then give us His eternal and holy written Word. In Kingsville, Texas, Jesus’ face has now graced a light pole.

You can see the image of Christ on a light pole in an alley way. He believes it’s there for a reason.

Tomas Olvera just moved into this home near the Kleberg County Courthouse. Last weekend,he was meditating and praying inside, then he came outside. For some reason, he looked up at this light pole.

“When I was going in, I moved my neck,” said Olvera. “That’s when I saw the image of Jesus Christ. I felt real good.”

Ever since he saw the image of Christ, he told his neighbors and spread the word about it. Literally, hundreds of people have come on foot and in car to check it out, even one very sick woman with her daughter came here to pray for a speedy recovery.

You can read the rest here.

These sightings are all too common these days, and many Christians are far too accepting of what they see. The Bible makes it very clear that the next time anybody sees Jesus, it will be when He returns to reign on this earth. And you can be sure that He won’t be ruling from a light pole.

HT: WorldNetDaily


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