More Spiritual Drunkenness from Ben Dunn

YouTube gives us this video of Ben Dunn leading worship at “Miracles, Signs and Wonders” at the Life Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This honestly looks more like drunken, dance-club revelry than genuine worship of our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Bible says that the flesh should be controlled and managed, not cut loose to party. The Apostle Paul denied himself to the point where he could say that his flesh was beaten and made as a slave (1 Corinthians 9:27). Does that look like what is portrayed in this video clip?

Just who or what is being glorified here? Is it Jesus or Ben Dunn? Is it God or the flesh? Is this worship or is it a frat party?

I think you should decide for yourself the spirit of this gathering.


2 Responses

  1. Boy, don’t you just hate it when people have more fun, more joy, more enthusiasm, more foolishness, MORE in the Lord than we have? I’d be jealous if I wasn’t so sure they were wrong. How about you Rich? Do you feel this way too? I’m just thankful that my God doesn’t look at the outside of me but at the intentions of my heart. The way I worship disappoints so many of my fellow believers, but I know that my God appreciates my efforts, my intentions, the way I pour out my love and faith and gratitude to Him, even when I do it so badly. But of course that doesn’t mean he feels the say about about Ben Dunn’s obvious inadequecies when it comes to giving God the glory that is due His Glorious Name. I mean, God understands my weakness, but he thinks Ben Dunn is just downright bad. But then again, maybe one man’s drunken, dance-club revelry is another man’s worship. No, that couldn’t be it. Ben Dunn needs to get back in the box. That’s what our Lord wants from us.

  2. Amen, Davio! you tell ’em! shing ding

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