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The New Evangelicals

It appears that my generation (I’m 24) will herald the return of the early 20th century style social “gospel”. In this video clip below, note what is conspicuously missing. There really is nothing new under the sun. 

These folks are completely missing the point of Jesus’ message. When did the environment and social justice causes become more important than pointing people to the Savior? Why does focusing on making the world a better place to go to Hell from make more sense than preaching the Gospel?

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5 Responses

  1. I offer the following (paraphrased):

    Did you feed the hungry? Did you clothe the naked? Did you visit the sick? Did you visit those who are in prison?” Jesus says, “In as uch as you have done it to these you would have done it to me.”

    I would argue these are all social issues, therefore a part, admittedly not all, but a part of the gospel. At the end of the day, or the end of our lives, that’s really what is asked of us. I don’t think they have left out or replaced the gospel with the envrionment-but are just good people living out the “do unto others…” the best they can. Good for them.

    -Just one thought/opionion amongst an endless sea of opinions I am sure.

  2. Duckie01,

    It would appear we differ substantially here in our opinions. The good works that Jesus mentioned are not a part of the Gospel. The true Biblical Gospel is that Jesus Christ died on the Cross and was resurrected on the third day so sinners could be reconciled to Himself. It is nothing else – nothing above or beyond that. There is nothing in the Bible to indicate that feeding the poor, clothing the naked, and visiting those in prison is a part of the Gospel.

    Are those things important? Yes, of course they are. Christians should endeavor to do ask Jesus asks. Do they supersede the preaching of the Gospel? No, they do not.

  3. You’re right in what you said in the two lines after the video. The point is the Gospel and works come next, not before. Although Duckie01 is right in saying that the works are part of the Gospel, it is not the Gospel itself. The Gospel convicts people of their sin and causes them to repent. After they have done so, *then* they will be working and serving God by clothing the naked, feeding the poor etc. We are justified by *faith* not works, and doing those things first before accepting the Gospel is trying to be justified by works – i.e. trying to earn your way into heaven.

    In any case, people don’t want to speak about the Gospel nowadays. It’s a dirty word… Shhh… 😉

    Rich, again, thank you for helping spur me on with this post. 😀 To God be the glory!

  4. I can do ALL things – through Christ.

    Isn’t the gospel something you live first, then something you share? The gospel contains all the answers for the questions, concerns, challenges of LIFE – not just the question of DEATH. The gospel doesn’t deal with the ONE question of where you will go after you’re dead, but how will LIVE before you’re dead. Remember, ETERNAL LIFE doesn’t begin when you die. If it did it wouldn’t be eternal would it? Eternal means all the time, which includes NOW.

    How can we criticize Christians for caring about God’s creation, meaning the environment, and the downtrodden, the forgotten, the abused – which is why social justice is so important. Isn’t the fight against abortion a fight for social justice, justice for the unborn? Should we leave these issues to the unbelievers? Do you think they have better answers to these questions than do we, the redeemed of the Lord. God is SO BIG. Why do we spend so much time trying to make Him so SMALL?

    The TRUE GOSPEL does more than convict us of sin – it equips us to live the sinless life, which is earmarked by LOVE. Jesus told us that greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friend. When we take up the cause of the downtrodden of this world, we are living out that commandment and the TRUE GOSPEL.

    I AM crucified with Christ, but nevertheless I LIVE – but not I but Christ that LIVETH in ME.

  5. BTW – I wanted to mention, lest someone would think I believe what I believe because I am one of the “Young Evangelicals” depicted in the above video, I will be 56 in a few weeks. My convictions are not grounded in the “idelaism” of youth, but in the working of God’s Holy Spirit in me, the working out of His grace in me, growing me daily in my knowledge of the Father and of His Son Jesus Christ, beyond the boundaries and the limitations of my yesterdays.

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