Obama: Prelude to Perdition?

If the world was ever ready for a charismatic leader to take the stage, it is now. With a silver tongue and lips of gold, this man of the hour will be loved by all. Nothing will stop his rapid ascent into global power. In time, he will attempt to reveal himself as god and force all on earth to worship him. The Bible calls him the Anti-Christ.

Barack Obama probably is not the Anti-Christ, but he has shown that the world is ready for that man to arrive. The masses yearn for unification behind one leader who promises to fix all the Earth’s problems. Obama, with his message of “hope” and “change”, espouses this message and makes himself a prelude to the eventual arrival of the man who Scripture calls the “Son of Perdition” (2 Thess. 2:3).

Take a look at the videos below. Thank you to DefCon for finding these. Links to their posts are at the bottom.

In this video a group of children sing to “our dear leader”, Obama.

This second clip shows the Obama Youth drill team. And yes, they really are chanting “Alpha, Omega”. I couldn’t believe it either.

HT: DefCon: Sunday WorshipDefCon: Obamassiah?


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