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A Disciple of Dunn and Crowder

To Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder, Jesus is nothing more than a divine bong hit. This man, featured below, is one of their disciples.

You decide. Is he representative of a ministry that is truly from God?


3 Responses

  1. I was at a conference this last weekend in Houston, TX where Ben Dunn was the guest worship leader on Saturday. I never was so appauled at what I witnessed. It was the biggest perpetration of trash on the body of Christ that I believe I have ever seen in my life.

    All the “electric kisses,electric hugs, rivers of pleasures, electric ecstacies, electric circles of love,” made even my young people that I had taken sick at their stomachs.

    There is an infeminate spirit about him and actually everyone from my church thought he was gay.

    I had the opportunity to run into him in the men’s restroom and heard some very inappropiate things being said between him and one of his buddies. Then he came out into the hall of the church and grabbed a women and kissed her and grabbed her rearend, I later found out it was his wife, to my surprise.

    I never though that the leadership in the church could be so gullable as to have someone like this in their pulpits. It shows a lack of discernment in the leadership today. I believe in joy and laughter and expressing it all in the Holy Ghost, but this was an abomination.

    I hope pastors wake up and watch out and guard who they allow on their platforms.

    I have never wrote a comment on anything like this, but i could not be silent this time.

    My advice would be to run far away from this crowd as you can.

    But one good note, Joshua Mills, John Paul Jackson, and David herzog where absolutely incredible and the anointing was there with sihns, wonders and miracles.

    God Bless

  2. Benjamin Dunn is a BIG JOKE. I don’t know how anyone can let this man and his band into their church. I saw nothing but entertainment if you can call it that. I too saw him at a conference and got sick as I watched the biggest show that I ever saw. I did not feel GOD at all. The songs and lyric was not worship. It had sexual overtones and was very feminine. I really thought this man must be gay with seducing spirits. I’m not making this up. They call their self The New Mystics. Do a search on youtube and you will find a lot of clips of him — Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder Look them up and watch. Don’t take my word for it. These guys make a mockery out of God and the Holy Spirit. Pure False Doctrine and Blasphemy Look at video for yourself.
    Heres one video.

    Check out their New Music Album that is pure Blasphemy—Toking the Ghost’
    with John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn

    Our churches need discernment who they let come in these guys are abomination to the body of Christ.

  3. You two are exactly right. Any church that invites these two to speak displays a startling lack of discernment.

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