Reformed Rap

Sam Guzman at writes:

Before I begin, though, I want to make something clear. Music is not a simple issue and should not be treated with canned answers. My philosophy of music is more detailed than I will get into here, but my conviction is that music itself–not lyrics–undeniably has a spirit. The spirit of music has an extremely powerful influence on the hearer. If you don’t agree, ask any writer of music soundtracks, and I assure you, he will agree with me. No one writing a funeral song is going to use the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” So music itself has a message, and it is my belief that the message that the music conveys must suit the message of the lyrics, as well as the occasion.

You can read the rest of the article here. Sam makes many interesting points which I agree with. Let me ask you though, in the video clip below, who is being glorified here? Is it Jesus or somebody or something else?

Worship music is not about what we get out of it. How entertaining, or meaningful, or relevant to us the music is does not matter. What matters is how God is glorified and ultimately what He receives from the service. Does He receive glory or dishonor? Does the outside world look in out our worship services and see the Body giving glory to its Head or a dancing throng worshiping the flesh?


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