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Mormonism’s Use of Satanic Symbols

DefCon posted an interesting article on the use of Satanic symbols by Mormonism.

There is a commonality among all cults. This commonality is their attack on such accepted Christian beliefs as the Trinity, the deity of Christ, His atonement for our sins, salvation being through faith by grace alone without works, the beauty of what the cross signifies, etc. Like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism also has an aversion to the cross (as does Satan since that’s where he was defeated). So to direct the masses’ attention away from the only thing that saves them (the finished work that was done upon that cross) these cults come up with all sorts of ways to defame the cross.

Read the rest of the article here.


2 Responses

  1. The inverted pentagram has a long history, and only took on negative connotations in the last one hundred years, well after Joseph Smith’s death. Joseph Smith and others of his day would have known the symbol from its use in many aspects of American life. Many Americans were Masons (George Washington for one), and used this symbol to represent light from the heavens to man.

    The inverted pentagram is used on the Congressional Medal of Honor:


    It was also used on the Great Star Flag of the United States (used from 1837 to 1845), as well as in the cathedrals of Chartes and Amiens in France. Are we supposed to believe that all these groups are, in fact, part of the “occult”?

    Some occult groups have even used the symbol of the cross as part of their symbolism. Does this make all Christians “occult” by association?

    A Masonic website goes into more detail on this subject – including how the inverted pentagram was a common early Christian symbol (even used as the seal of Constantine):


  2. Mormons don’t have anything against the cross. Just because its not put up on any of the church buildings. Just to remind you, the cross didn’t save anyone, it was the Man on the cross.

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