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Exporting Apostasy: Benjamin Dunn and John Crowder

HT: DefCon

This is what the saints died for? So this nonsense can be shipped overseas?

7 Responses

  1. Did you notice that the man with the camera was making a noise which sounded like a goat? Just a thought……..

  2. Who knows what brought about the sound. It sure doesn’t look right, whatever it may be.

  3. We just don’t know how blessed we are to not be led away into these false signs and wonders. The delusion is grievous isn’t it Rich?

  4. It is, which is why we must pray that we won’t be led away from the truth, as we’re not immune from deception ourselves.

  5. How you describe King David when he brought the ark into the cirty of David in II Samuel 6: 14 – 23, even his wife said that the King is crazy. What happened after that to the wife? Have you ever feel the joy of the Lord Jesus in you? I don’t think so..John and Ben live by the joy of the Lord. They hold the key of living blissfully in the Lord.
    I don’t know them but I know God and I belive HE’s unique way to pour out HIS glory to people who hunger and thirsty for HIS presence…don’t make this blog only for criticsm people who God use for HIS purpose in a very unique way.

  6. Dew,

    Ben and John live by the joy of the Lord? Is that what they’re doing? It looks like to me they’re getting stoned. Living blissfully in the Lord does not mean “tokin’ the Ghost”, as John Crowder has termed it.

  7. Plenty of discussion of Crowderisms, Crowderology, and Crowderesy at:


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