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Osteen Preaches “Hope”

The Christian Post reports:

Osteen, whose podcast messages consistently rank in the top 10 on iTunes, keeps politics out of his church. He doesn’t preach on political issues; he also doesn’t teach theological doctrine or try to explain every detail in the Bible.

Some pastors and theologians have criticized Osteen’s failure to talk about sin, suffering and the message of the cross.

But the Lakewood megachurch pastor stresses, “I’m called to plant a seed of hope in people’s hearts,” as he wrote in his latest book, Become a Better You.

Given Mr. Osteen’s long record of man-centered and theologically slim preaching, just what kind of “hope” is he offering? Is it the hope that is in Jesus Christ or the “hope” of being financially secure?

Whatever hope Joel Osteen offers is no hope at all. Money cannot save. Tithing or good works or smiling in a pulpit cannot regenerate a soul and cause it to be born-again. This “preaching” differs only from other motivational speaking in that a little “God” is thrown in to make it palatable to those who might otherwise reject the message. All that’s being done here is that the earthly life is being made just a little better place to go to hell from.

Contrast the message of Joel Osteen with that of Paul Washer’s, a true man of God:

For further research, apprising.org offers a wealth of information on Joel Osteen and his ministry.


4 Responses

  1. Look at Jeremiah 23:16-17. Joel Osteen fits right in. He continually tells the unrepentant sinner, “It shall be well with you. No disaster shall come upon you.” But unfortunately his good intentions do more damage than good. Because he is marketing his idea of the gospel, he is schmoozing men right into hell. He does not do anything to convict the ungodly to repent. He should leave the ministry and go into marketing or advertising instead. Jesus is not for sale, is he Rich?

  2. Jesus certainly isn’t for sale – as if He needed our marketing and advertising strategies anyway.

    One thing I’ve learned about false teachers is that they always smile. Never will they tell a hard truth or say something to make somebody angry. Osteen is the king of always smiling.

  3. Always smiling……..taken captive by vanity. All of that fame and money shows that the world esteems the prosperity gospel. That fact contradicts the nature of the gospel. As you know, the true gospel offends those who are perishing. Because of that, not everybody will receive it with open arms will they? Jesus said that it would not be easy and that following him will cost us. It is certainly not a popularity contest.

  4. Too many false persons try to define God solely based on their own limited personal experiences, knowledge, and if it did not happen to them it cannot happen to anyone else…

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