Getting High Off God?

In a previous post, I discussed a little bit about what John Crowder and his Sons of Thunder ministry appears to believe. I’ve been able to track down a few videos that further document their spiritual fruit. The first clip is blasphemously entitled “Tokin’ the Ghost”.

And this video isn’t even remotely close to representing anything Christian.

Finally, in this clip John Crowder explains why he does what he does.

I don’t know what these people are on, but it sure doesn’t sound like it’s God.

Updated: Apparently the first video doesn’t allow embedding, so I found an alternate copy.


3 Responses

  1. […] This link is further proof of the Satanic blasphemy of the “ministry” of John Crowder. […]

  2. When the Holy Spirit stops being about convicting of Sin, enabling people to say, “Jesus is Lord,” and enabling spiritual gifts that edify the Church, then the Holy Spirit becomes about being “spiritually drunk.” The next logical step is druggishness.

    These guys have zeal, but lack knowledge. They really do seem to be sincere, but sincerity never really counts.

  3. I put together a critique of a Dunn/Crowder “Miracle”, check it out:


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