Mormonism versus Christianity

Over the past several years Mormonism has gained much ground in the American religious landscape. No longer widely considered to be a cult, the LDS Church boasts millions of members in the United States alone. Even a popular presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, claimed to be an adherent.

This fascinating video investigates the archaeological claims of the Book of Mormon and compares the results to the Bible. Well worth a watch.


2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m Kylene and I have to say there is nothing bad about christians or mormons cause I’m both so don’t say anything bad and the Book of Mormon is true it has neat storys.Got to go type back bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Kylene,

    I’m not sure how you can be both Christian and Mormon at the same time. The two belief systems hold to different beliefs, many of which are contradictory. For instance, the Christian Jesus is the eternal, unborn Son of God who has always existed, while the Mormon Jesus is the spirit child of the Father. Either Jesus has always existed or He hasn’t. There is no middle ground.

    Are you sure you’re holding to the right Jesus? The Bible, which I’m assuming you’d say you’d believe in, warns that those who do not have a correct understanding of who Jesus is do not have the Father either. Anyone who’s Christology is wrong does not have eternal life. Would you be willing to place your eternity on a Jesus that differs from the Bible?

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